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Providing exceptional non-medical home care in Danbury, CT and surrounding areas.

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Let us help you figure out how quality home care assistance can work for your loved one's care needs. Get started with home care by consulting Home Care Advantage.

How Do Home Care Services Work?

Let us help you figure out how quality home care assistance can work for your loved one’s care needs. Whether it is a need for companionship, personal care assistance,  help around the house, or food preparation, we can help with all that, plus much more. Home Care Advantage is a proactive, independent, family-owned agency that is responsive to your loved one’s care needs and will partner with you to achieve the best outcome for your mom or dad.

We understand that living in a fast-paced world and figuring out how to strike a good work/life balance, along with helping your parents, can be overwhelming. Having an experienced support system in place to help with mom or dad will ease your worry and help your loved one remain independent as long as they can safely do so in their home. Home Care Advantage LLC provides that support and is here to help. 

It’s as easy as calling (203) 744-8380 and scheduling a free in-home assessment to help you decide what will work best for your mom or dad. Also, by filling out the form on this page, one of our care managers will get back to you quickly to finish this process. Yes, life has challenges, but putting quality home care in place through Home Care Advantage will be value-added for you and your loved one.

What are our Payment Options?

  • Private Pay  – Our clients or the responsible party will be billed weekly and receive an invoice via email.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance – On behalf of our clients, Home Care Advantage will submit claims to their long-term care insurance provider for payment processing directly to the client.

What is our intake process?

To conform to current guidelines Home Care Advantage has modified its intake and start of the care process to meet the needs of a hospital to home discharge or the need for immediate care.  

Step One:
Complete the online form or call us at (203) 744-8380 to schedule a free in-home assessment.
During the assessment meeting, we will ask various questions to gather information on your loved one that will help us meet their care needs. Home Care Advantage takes this client fact-finding process seriously and helps to develop a profile of your loved one’s care needs. It enables us to understand their likes and dislikes, discuss their needs for personal care, and determine if hands-on or stand-by assistance is required. We review any dietary restrictions, if applicable, medication reminders, management, etc. We will answer your questions about home care services, our model, our caregiver selection process, client weekly billing and invoicing, and submitting claims on behalf of our clients to their long-term care insurance, etc.

Step Two:
This step in our process allows for preparing an individualized care plan and selecting a caregiver.
Based on the information gathered, our care manager will develop an individualized care plan along with the duties and responsibilities of the caregiver, including a caregiver work schedule that meets your loved one’s needs. The care plan guides the caregiver’s selection and responsibilities of the client’s case. This care plan is submitted to Long Term Care Insurance if applicable for your loved one. The care plan is modified as the client needs change. 

Step Three:
The final step in this process is the start of care and continuous communication.
The assigned care manager will be the point person to respond to questions/concerns for all parties on the Care Team, which includes the client/family and caregiver. This third step involves scheduling a meet-and-greet orientation with the caregiver, you, and your loved one. This time allows you and your family to meet the carefully selected caregiver, where each party can ask questions, understand your loved one’s established daily routine, and how they like things done in their home. This essential step allows for an in-depth discussion of the caregiver’s role and responsibilities to the client and agency.

While care focuses on your loved one, the family benefits by being updated on caregiver observations and concerns, our caregivers must keep client-specific daily notes on their time and activities sheet. This sheet is a legal document and requires the signature of your loved one weekly, and the caregiver is responsible for submitting this document to the office weekly.

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