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Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

While your dad's goal is to age in his home, you want to ensure he's safe doing so. Bathroom safety is a big concern. Here are some safety tips.
Personal Care at Home Bethel CT - Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors

Each year, approximately 235,000 adults are injured in the bathroom. As bathrooms tend to be smaller with many hard surfaces, they can cause severe injuries. If your dad falls while stepping out of his tub/shower combo, what’s close by? There’s likely a toilet, sink, or heat register that he could hit his head on. While your dad’s goal is to age in his home, you want to ensure he’s safe doing so. It may be time to hire personal care at home providers to help in this situation.

What are the bathroom safety tips to keep in mind?

Install Equipment That Makes Showering Easier to Manage

If your dad has difficulty with balance, a shower seat is important. While he showers, he won’t have to stand up. Look for a seat with suction cups on the legs to secure it to the shower floor. If there’s room, a fold-down shower seat that attaches to the wall is ideal and easy to use. Aim for models that have arms he can hold while standing up and sitting down.

Once he has a shower seat in place, he’ll need a hand-held shower head. With a hand-held shower wand, he directs the water where he needs it. It makes it easier to wash his hair, feet, and hard-to-reach areas.

Add Grab Bars and Make Sure the Flooring Isn’t Slippery

When stepping in and out of the shower, grab bars are essential for support. Your dad holds them to remain balanced. Ideally, they should be near the toilet, on the outside wall as he steps out of the tub, and on the inside wall of the tub.

Flooring both inside the tub and in the bathroom can get slick, especially when your dad’s feet are wet. Figure out how to prevent a fall by having non-slip bath mats that have rubberized backing to keep them from sliding. Inside the shower, look for a shower mat that has suction cups to secure it in place.

Check That Lighting Is Bright Enough

Many bathrooms have plenty of lights, but the lighting in showers is non-existent. You really can’t have light fixtures in a wet area shower/tub unit. If it’s dimly lit in that area of the bathroom, look for waterproof puck lighting.

Waterproof puck lights attach to the walls or ceiling using adhesive strips. They are battery-powered, so you will want to check that they’re still working once a month.

Personal Care at Home Bethel CT - Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors
chrome grab safety bars in a handicap bathtub
** Note: Slight graininess, best at smaller sizes

Consider the Benefits of Personal Care at Home Aides

Your dad shouldn’t risk his safety trying to shower on his own if he struggles with balance and grip. Hire personal care at home services to assist him while he showers. He may not need an aide to help him wash up, but he could have one there for support while he steps in and out and gets dried off and dressed.

Talk to our personal care at home advisor and get answers to any questions you and your dad have. Go over pricing and schedules and make the necessary arrangements.

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