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Learning About Pet Therapy for Seniors

In-Home Care Redding CT-Even with in-home care providers around the house, your senior may need more companionship than them, and that's where a pet may come in handy. Here are some benefits.
In-Home Care Redding CT - Learning About Pet Therapy for Seniors

If you’re feeling down, a pet can just be the medicine you need. When you get home after a hard day, sometimes you need to be greeted by a wagging tail or have a purring cat rest its head on your lap. The advantages of having a faithful pet friend, especially for the elderly, are many, and this is especially true for those who are alone and isolated. A senior may still benefit from pet therapy even if they cannot possess a pet. Even with in-home care providers around the house, your senior may need more companionship than them, and that’s where a pet may come in handy.

Understanding Pet Therapy

The use of pets in therapy is known as pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy. Through their interactions with the elderly, the animals enhance their quality of life. If you’re not a pet fan, the concept that a dog or cat may make an old person’s life better could seem far-fetched. Luckily, there are tons of animals to choose from that can be used during pet therapy. A smaller pet may be better for certain seniors, especially if they rely heavily on in-home care professionals throughout the day. Even small pets can have a huge impact on mental health. Every senior may benefit from pet therapy but be sure to ask a professional if this is the right choice for your senior.

Pet Therapy Benefits

The elderly may gain a great deal from pet therapy. The elderly population is disproportionately affected by social isolation and sadness. Perhaps they are widowed or widowers living alone. Maybe they’re at a care home for the elderly, and their loved ones cannot see them frequently. An elderly person suffering from isolation or depression might benefit greatly from having a pet as a friend. Having something to pet or touch has been linked to a decrease in heart rate and stress levels. An elderly person’s mobility and motivation to leave home may both benefit from taking the dog for a walk, even if just for a few minutes.

Even if a senior does not directly own a pet, just being in the company of an animal to care for may offer them a sense of purpose and make them feel appreciated. Mental stimulation is another benefit of spending time with a therapy animal. The elderly person may talk to the person caring for the pet.

The therapy animal may also bring up memories of a previous pet. Pet therapy has been shown to have several beneficial effects for people with dementia. Communicating with others may be challenging for those with dementia. Patients in this category often report feeling more at ease opening up to a pet. There is no need to worry that the animal will judge you or misunderstand you. They will be there to listen and provide unconditional love.

Hire In-Home Care as Part of the Team

A senior is likely to need a team of professionals to help them throughout aging in place. An in-home care professional and doctor can truly help make aging in place easier than ever before.

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